Fran Dunne – you were with me for the toughest

“Fran Dunne – you were with me for the toughest years of my entrepreneurial journey. You kept me going, you kept me sane, and you made sacrifices that many wouldn’t have done. I wish you every happiness, and I hope your adventures land you the sunny, happy (hair free!) life you deserve.

Judith Williams – you had belief in me, when virtually no one else did. You provided that crucial first investment that started the ball rolling. Wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for your faith/insanity!


Tega ‘Teggles’ Diegbe. Never had a right hand man before – that’s what I’ve always been! I have never had anyone work so hard, be a shoulder, and personify loyalty and commitment. My chocolate brother, you are something else.

Sarah Louise Carter – trying to organise and manage me = a thankless task. As assistants go, I couldn’t ask for more, you wonderful and extremely tolerant human.

Andy ‘Mutant’ Davis and Cameron ‘F-rocker’ Shean – you took my fitness facility and made it shine. You have kept me – and my business – healthy, and have not broken anything yet either!

Mike Neck for giving me a fitness home when I had none, and opening up your gym and world to me when my life took a reset. Thanks, you big armed bastard!

Mike Samuels – one of my first coaching clients, and now partner in all things copy. Your ability to show no emotion and balance out my manic ways is nothing short of heroic.

Sean Mysel – true friend, pain in the arse, and one of the smartest guys I know. You are a gifted human, amazing writer, and I’m proud to have had you with me on this rather daft journey

Anna Selby – what you can do with social media is genius, and quite frankly, if I don’t see you on TV one day I will be stunned. Thanks for supporting my vision, and giving me a kick up the arse when I need it – which is apparently very often.

Emma Melhuish – my first business partner! Small thumbs, but a genius with online advertising and even better friend. Uncle Dan – I promise – will be a bad influence on your little one, ha!

Mark Whitehand – long haired, northern, daft-as-balls soft-lad who happens to be an amazing coach, even better videographer and genuine friend who goes the extra mile. Proud of you.

Ollie Matthews – my first ever coaching client and now very good friend. You took the plunge. Your positivity is infectious.

Nayar Pervez and Alex Holowko – you believed in what I do, and have been with me on this ride since the start. Your epic talents with words and inability to say no is glorious.

Franc Feliu for being my partner in the craziest journey I have taken yet, and for forcing my hand to write this bastard book.

Ryan Levesque – the man the AMEX gamble was made for and the first man to take a real chance on me. Honestly, without you – 100% – I wouldn’t be here right now. Simple as that. I love you, man. End of. I will always have your back.

Ryan Lee for giving me my first proper shot at the stage in the entrepreneurial world. A supportive friend and someone I simply love to work with.

Ben Settle – even though you profess to be a tough S.O.B., I appreciate you giving me a shot – and for going the extra mile for a friend. What you have taught me is immense. That, and you like me, really…

Chris Burgess and Luke Johnson for giving me your audience in those early days when I was just starting out in copy.

Joe Gregory – epic levels of commitment to getting this book together, figuring out how to get the nonsense out of my head and into print.

Justin Devonshire, Stephen Somers, Jamie Alderton and Pat Divilly – couldn’t ask for a better group of lads to be on this journey with. Bloody geniuses, the lot of you. Thanks for all you have done – and continue to do.

Dexter Abraham – a mentor and friend like no other, both inspiring and terrifying in equal measure. You helped make me the man I am today, showed me what was possible and toughened me up. Thank you for believing in me and being there in the dark times – I know it’s been a thankless task at times, but I am more grateful than you can ever imagine.”