Cash flow issues

“Cash flow issues

Staff issues

Health and fitness issues

Sanity issues!

But I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am finally doing the one thing that I truly believe I was put here to do – leading people by the hand, or kicking them up the arse, to get the shit they have been putting off forever done.

It’s rather fun, if I’m honest. Ha!

But fun aside, I’ve realised that I have been gifted a group of people who loyally follow me, invest in me, share my highs and lows and never falter. It would make me a selfish prick if I only used this tribe of quite frankly terrible (but awesome) humans just to line my own pockets.

It would make me, in fact, a dick.

So as of now, I am still trying to figure out exactly who I am, what the point of me is, and what impact I can make. And I’m going to apply this directly to my audience. With time, I am going to use this tribe of fruitcakes to create massive changes in the entrepreneurial landscape.

As always, I don’t know what I’m going to do, how I’m going to do it, or what it’s going to look like, but I know it will happen. It will happen because I will do the work that is necessary to make it happen.

I’m a nature-loving, miniature-painting, film-obsessed bookworm who is rather fond of his own company. I am actually an introvert, would you believe? What you see now is years of discipline, working on myself, hard work and being a relentless little shit who refused to stay in his place. I am not the Dan I was fifteen years ago. Fuck, I’m not the Dan I was six months ago!

What I’m trying to say is that you – and the shite that’s in your head, the stories that you are telling yourself – will be the only thing that holds you back from making the changes and going balls deep in what you truly want to do.

Don’t let your mind fuck you over.

On paper, someone like me shouldn’t really be doing what I am now. But I am. So in closing I want to say this:

Fuck the bullshit excuses that you give yourself.

Fuck the nonsense stories that you tell yourself over and over again.

Fuck the critics, the people who tell you it will never work or those who don’t believe in you or your vision.

Fuck the people who say it’s easy, doesn’t involve hard work or effort.

Fuck staying in your place.

Fuck the status quo.

Fuck being average, full stop.

Learn to embrace life, love work, see failure as a friend, relish the act of creating something out of nothing but your own efforts, apply discipline to your life, buck the trend, swim against the stream, have a vision, have a dream, have a fucking reason so powerful you can’t sleep at night.

And quite simply… BE AWESOME.


Personal thank yous to people who have helped me to get where I am, given me support and resources that I rate and whom I’ve learned from. (Please note – none of these people were consulted in the making of this book, so please don’t hold anything against them. They didn’t make me like this).


Without you all I wouldn’t be the (amazingly, and quite surprised still) successful fruitcake I am now:

Debra and Nigel Meredith – I have literally no idea how you put up with me! Your parenting, relationship and how you deal with life’s blows have been an inspiration. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for better parents – thank you.

Anna Meredith – ahhh, Spud. You are the source of so much inspiration, yet also a pain in the arse! I know life hasn’t dealt you the best of hands, but your big brother loves you and will never, ever let you down.

Tobo, Chambers, Barnett, The Griffiths, The Collings, The Mighty Cake, Dave and Neil – we may not have time to hang out quite as much anymore, but you are top lads. Yes, I know I have never used that phrase before, but it’s my book so I can do what I want!

Ben Hazeldine – never would I think a walk around a marina would be the highlight of my day. Thank you for your belief – and smacking some sense into me from time to time. Lucky to have you as one of my closest friends.”