Then, it is my duty to help others, give back, and

“Then, it is my duty to help others, give back, and support those who need it.

Once I have done this?

I simply wash, rinse, repeat and plough on to the next level – whatever the fuck that ends up being!

I am fortunate enough to have a lot of energy that I can spare, and I am more than happy to make the investments, put in the time and do the work to get shit done. I do it so others don’t have to.

And I’m cool with it. Like I said, I live to serve. It may sound a little self-sacrificing, but I don’t see it that way. I enjoy it. I like helping people; it makes me feel good, so I selfishly indulge in it.

I like feeling good.

How can I make an impact in this world if I am stingy and keep all the secrets (lol – I still see that crap all the time) to myself? That doesn’t make me a good person.

It makes me a dick.

And, as I said way back at the beginning of this chapter, if you take away just one thing from this – simply don’t be a dick!


How to stop your blood boiling. Don’t. Check. Your. Emails. First. Thing. In. The. Morning! Put yourself in a good mood before you jump into the bullshit hurricane of emails, social media and messages. Once you’re in a good mood, you’ll find you won’t be running your day with negative interactions.

Be mindful of what others are going through. Consider before you act how the other person might be feeling and what they may have gone through. If you get a shitty email or bad message, do this: first write the most aggressive, venom-fuelled, ‘fuck you’ reply you can think of. Take what you’ve written and pop it in your notes. Carry on your day as normal and forget the message. The next day, reread the pure rage you have written. You’ll find the next time you look at the aggressive message, your response will be much calmer and more collected.

Look after those who have looked after you. This one pretty much speaks for itself. Don’t burn your bridges. The first part is to help yourself. You have to secure your own health, skills, finances and business first. Once that’s all in check, the next part of your duty is to help others.


Well, that was quite a ride, wasn’t it?

We’re finally at the end of a somewhat brutal, hopefully entertaining, maybe a little offensive but, if I have done my job right, useful journey.

Look. One thing I hope I have made clear is that I am not special. Neither are you. We’re just humans with similar wants, needs and desires. But what we all are is unique.

Whatever DNA soup your parents concocted made you.

That’s the difference between you and me.

There are things that, quite frankly, I can kick your arse on. Equally, there will be things that you can make me look a bloody toddler at.

The only difference right now (and if you are already doing this, you are a fucking hero) is the fact that I am doing. While you are thinking about doing.

I remember, back in my headhunting days, a guy telling me that he was an ideas man. That’s what I used to identify with: I’m extremely creative and can come up with some seriously different solutions to problems.

Thing is, any fucker can have ideas. What I realised when I got older was that every Tom, Dick and Harry (or, er, Sarah, Vicky and Kylie, if you prefer) has ideas.

So. Bloody. What.

What counts is you taking that idea, and making it a reality.

And how do you do that?

By doing the fucking work!

The books you can find online that tell you to follow your passion, go for your dreams and live a life of freedom are many. In fact, I read a fair few of them when I first got the itch about four years ago.

Boy, did they inspire me to change my life!

Did I though?

Did I heck!

It was only when I went balls deep, all in, made the relevant sacrifices in my life, invested in my education, skills and network, put time in every single day, and never, ever quit that my life began to change. And the ball started rolling.

As entrepreneurs we are always growing, and even I’m not perfect. Far from it. I’m going through the same growing pains that all entrepreneurs and business owners go through as they try to scale, reach more people, and keep making a profit without becoming a scumbag. At times I have had:”